California Raisins

California Raisins

Health & Nutrition Benefits of California Raisins

One serving of Raisins is 40 grams, about 1/4 cup.

Raisins Nutrition Facts

  • Raisins are fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free.
  • Raisins have about 2 grams of fiber or 9% of the Daily Value.


A 40-gram (1/4 cup) serving provides:

  • 306mg potassium (9% of the DV)

  • 14mg calcium (2% of the DV)

  • 1mg iron (6% of the DV)


This 40-gram serving of Raisins provides nearly 31 grams of carbohydrate composed mostly of glucose and fructose.


A 40-gram serving of California Raisins is an easy way to add a serving of fruit to help reach the daily recommended of 9 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.


Raisins contain catechins, a family of readily absorbable antioxidants that have been shown to reduce cancerous colon tumors. Also, Raisins are rated as the second highest source of antioxidants by ORAC.


California Raisins like the other California Dried Fruits deliver fiber for heart and colon health while improving cholesterol levels.


Recent research at the University of Chicago, shows that oleanic acid and other compounds in raisins help to prevent periodontal and gum disease.


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