About CDFC

About CDFC

The California Dried Fruit Coalition (CDFC) was formed as a cooperative effort by the

California date, fig, prune and raisin industries to promote the nutritional value and

versatility of uses for these traditional dried fruits to policy makers influencing food

purchase decisions for America’s schools and foodservice agencies.


California accounts for nearly all of the national production of California dates, figs,

prunes and raisins. The following counties, including Riverside, Imperial, Fresno,

Sutter, Madera, Merced, Los Angeles, Tulare, Kern, Kings, Butte, Yuba, Tehama and

Glenn, are the leading production areas.

Dates Circle

California Date Commission

Dates have no added sugars and are a naturally low

moisture fruit. They are a good source of fiber, have 6

essential vitamins, 7 minerals, and are heart healthy.


California Fig Advisory Board

California produces 100% of the dried figs sold

commercially in the U.S. Figs have no added sugar, are

fat, sodium and cholesterol free, high in calcium

content, a good source of dietary fiber, plus offer many

additional nutrition benefits


Figs Circle

Prune Circle

California Prune Board

California Prune growers take care to produce only the

biggest, sweetest plums. They have no sugar added,

provide soluble and insoluble fiber, are a polyphenol

powerhouse (antioxidants), and help support bone health.


California Raisin

Administrative Committee

California Raisin growers produce 100% of the U.S.

raisins in an area within a 60 mile radius of Fresno,

California. California Raisins have no added sugar, are

fat and cholesterol free, are naturally low in sodium,

and are a source of concentrated nutrients.


Raisin Circle

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